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Kara Riciardi

About the Chef

Stretchy Pants was founded by chef and food scientist enthusiast, Kara in San Francisco. Kara has always had a passion for cooking, trying new foods, and discovering new places. After graduating from college, she ventured to culinary school in San Francisco, where she studied French cuisine. Since then, Kara has gained seven years of experience in the food industry. She began her career as a prep cook and waitress in restaurants before joining a consulting firm that designs food for grocery stores. Specializing in bakery science, she then developed cookies for food service providers around the country. After eating one too many cookies, she pursued an M.A. in business to bring Stretchy Pants to life. Kara lived in Spain and Taiwan while completing her degree and has since traveled to more than 65 countries around the globe. Combining food and travel, her two favorite things, Kara created Stretchy Pants. Ruby is the other leg in Stretchy Pants. Ruby and Kara went to college together in Florida, and have since been fast friends and adventure buddies. Ruby received her B.A. in international business and anthropology, and she has always been fascinated by travel and how food shapes our understanding of community and the world around us. After undergrad, Ruby moved to the Bay Area, where she received her Juris Doctorate, focusing on international high technology law, but also co-founding the Association for the Protection of Cultural Property (which includes food!) and taking every chance possible to travel. Ruby finally realized life is better with good food and good friends so she joined the Stretchy Pants revolution! Stretchy Pants encourages everyone to try local cuisines and meet new people along the way, as it offers an intimate glimpse into the heart of any city, an idea near to both Ruby and Kara’s heart. So, come feed your curiosity with us!

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