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Katherine & Christopher at flyingpig.co

About the Chef

Katherine and Christopher. That's us. There is no love sincerer than the love of food (George Bernard Shaw), and its no accident that one thing we absolutely, unquestionably agree on is the pursuit and discovery of good food. Not just high quality food, not just style over substance, but food that is authentic, honest and with humble histories. We want to share our passion with others, with you. While we encourage you to discover for yourself, we know that the realities of life don't allow us to do this as much as we'd like. Therefore bringing you an 'essence' of the experience and the emotion that comes with discovery and good food is what we're all about. From the farms, purveyors, lakes and hills of Italy to your table (or ideally balcony) here in Hong Kong. Please pay it forward and share with friends.

Signature Dish

Our curated box! The perfect balance of coveted Italian Cheese, Cold-Cuts and Wine (along with a Sardinian Flat Bread); it's the perfect kit to furnish your cheeseboard with, along with friends, or a cozy night in.

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