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Kaz at Breakthough Sushi

About the Chef

Kaz Matsune discovered his passion for cooking at a young age. Though he was born and raised in Western Japan, Kaz’s inspiration came from watching Graham Kerr cook on the famous TV show “Galloping Gourmet.” Kerr’s enthusiasm, lightheartedness and genuine appreciation for good food made a lasting impression on young Kaz. In college Kaz studied graphic design and excelled in his field, even designing posters for major Hollywood movies but the kitchen still beckoned him. He continued to cook avidly and learn all he could about the world of food in his own kitchen. A friend over for dinner one night commented that Kaz applied the same artistry and attention to detail to his cooking as he did to his designs, and that’s when Kaz knew he would pursue his passion and become a chef. Ever eager for a challenge, Kaz decided to tackle one of the most challenging and artful paths a chef can take: sushi. He spent years behind sushi bars, at first simply watching (“learning with his eyes”), then practicing tirelessly until he had mastered the skills and nuances. As a sushi chef, Kaz developed dishes for San Francisco's first organic Japanese restaurant, Minako, before moving on to Ozumo and then the famed Fort Mason restaurant Greens. In 2008 Kaz started teaching sushi classes for professional chefs, as well as private clients, and in 2012 Breakthrough Sushi was born - the first and only sustainable team building sushi company in the US.

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