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Korean Seaweed Beef Soup


About the meal

In large 16 oz bowl (2 servings)

Our take of the traditional Korean postpartum recovery soup combines a slow-cooked beef broth with wood ear and freshly foraged seaweed from Northern California loaded with iron and iodine to boost blood circulation.

Ingredients: Filtered water, pasture raised beef brisket* (local from Marin Sun Farms), onion*, wood ear* (local from Far West Fungi), California wakame* (local from Salt Point Seaweed), Korean wakame*, dried shiitake*, garlic*, green onion*, soup soy sauce, sesame oil*, and sea salt. *organic

Contains: Soy, wheat

Kristie Chow

About the chef

Sip Therapy is a food startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that handcrafts nourishing Asian soups and beverages based on ancient food therapy principles with organic and local ingredients.

Founded by a woman born and raised in Hong Kong, where people drink soups with the seasons to nourish and heal. Kristie is a techie turned cook.

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