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About us

BiteUnite makes it easy for everyone to experience the love and care that goes into a home-cooked meal.
Our community of professional chefs, passionate bakers and amazing cooks create small, quality-controlled batches of your favourite food.
For budding professional chefs, BiteUnite helps you start your own food business by offering delivery services and ongoing business support.
Our kitchen co-working space is the heart of our community and we welcome opportunities to collaborate with and host those who share our values.
We encourage positive food choices. From free-range to ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable foods, we believe in being responsible for the planet and its resources.



Our team

We’re a diverse bunch. Each of us brings unique experiences, backgrounds and ideas to the BiteUnite world. We don’t just appreciate great food, we appreciate the people who make it. We’re passionate about empowering culinary entrepreneurs with the tools, space and platforms they need to connect with those who love what’s on the menu.

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