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My name is Anita. 6 years ago, based on a recipe found on a blog on the internet, I baked my first batch of macarons in my cozy kitchen at home. I am a mum of a wonderful 9 year old boy, day time financial planner, but most of time day dreaming about what I can create and impress my palette. It could be for a unique flavour for a macaron, or something gluten free and loving for my husband and my son who are gluten intolerant. My passion in baking all started from receiving my best birthday present from my husband – a bright red solid Kitchenaid Mixer. Best investment we have ever made and it has never let us down. And there I am, a passionate home baker (and occasionally the head cook of the family), and have not stopped experimenting with food!

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"Your Macarons. Your Way." Customised Macarons and Macaron Towers for your event. "Gluten Free, Worry Free" Gluten free baked goods for you and your family.


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Kylie Yu

It is really an awesome baking class for my kid. She can experience the whole process from shopping in the market to baking in the kitchen. The children have to work as a team, which allows them to know the importance of co-operating with each other. Also, chef Antia planned very well and try to lead all kids to enjoy cooking. Besides, it is cool for the kids to work in a professional kitchen. Looking forward the next cooking class in the coming future.

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