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G Ferretti

Verified licensed chef


About the Chef

Born Korean, raised by Italian father/Polish mother while stomping my young life through NYC and now live in the Kong. Let me fill your bellies with my repertoire of goods, starting from Italy and Korea, than we can see where my epic background takes you next. Give "GSpotCookin" some food Love!!!!!

Signature Dish

All things Italian, Korean, Korean/Italian Collab


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Patta Arkaresvimun

Patta Arkaresvimun

Great class for Kids!

May Wong

Vivian Chan

one of the best kids' cooking classes we have attended in hk! Making meatballs, sauce and pasta from scratch was an eye-opening experience for the kids and the final product was absolutely delicious! The only suggestion I have is to please consider not to use ceramic knives for younger children (particularly those with no cooking experience) as they can be quite sharp. We can't wait for the next lesson by Chef G!

Wing Chan

Our girls enjoyed the class very much and had fun making one of their favourite foods. Well done Chef G! Looking foward to the next class!

amy wong

the seafood jengol & korean fried chicken wings are scrumptious!! Something i cannot even taste in Seoul!

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