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Street Yoga at BiteUnite 🙏

Event Date : 25/6/2017
Min guests : 1
Max guests : 50

About the event

BUZZ DAY at BiteUnite with Gillie's Yoga Vala & Tizzy Shots.

'Rise and Shine' yoga and healthy drink event.

You can do anything, it’s all about balance!

This event is designed to help you to rise and shine your brightest every day, with Ayurvdic tips, healthy drinks and a yoga practice that will help your body start each day the right way.

People think you need a quiet space to do yoga but in Hong Kong we need to use the space we have. The quiet space is inside you. In street yoga we prove that you can practice and improve your wellbeing any time anywhere.

Bring your own mat.


9 am : Energising & cleansing Yoga session (45 mins) with Gillie's Yoga Vala
9.45 am : Post yoga drinks- Lemongrass tea , Coffee or Tizzyshots
After a yoga class, your mind is relaxed, your body is invigorated and you feel peaceful. You are rejuvenated. The last hour has been all about you. But now you have to go back into the chaos of reality. Unfortunately, this jolting transition can be a little stressful on the body sometimes. To ease your body into this change, it is best to digest your yogic experience with a soothing cup of tea or Ginger shot.


About the chef


We are a hub: a community centre point, a hive of activity, energy and inspiration.

We aim to empower our members and our community at large through a shared passion for cooking and creativity.

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