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🦄🌈Unicorn Themed Macaron Class


About the event

7pm to 10:30pm, 16th August 2017, Wednesday

Hands on class to make your own Unicorn themed Macarons!

Take home 6 🦄Unicorn Macarons & 12 🌈rainbow colour Macarons.

Also got to learn to make 2 summer flavours, Passionfruit almond cream & Vanilla Raspberry.

By Anita


Kylie Yu

It is really an awesome baking class for my kid. She can experience the whole process from shopping in the market to baking in the kitchen. The children have to work as a team, which allows them to know the importance of co-operating with each other. Also, chef Antia planned very well and try to lead all kids to enjoy cooking. Besides, it is cool for the kids to work in a professional kitchen. Looking forward the next cooking class in the coming future.

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