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Frequently asked questions


What is BiteUnite?

BiteUnite is a community platform that connects food lovers with passionate chefs and quality food. Delicious meals, homemade with heart.

How does BiteUnite work?

BiteUnite connects passionate chefs with hungry home diners. For yourself or for a party, BiteUnite helps you order and schedule meals that can be delivered straight to your door.

Who are BiteUnite's chefs?

Our chefs come from a variety of culinary backgrounds: professionally trained, self-taught and from generational cooking families. We have artisan chefs, private chefs, caterers, restaurant chefs and more.

Do BiteUnite chefs have a license?

Yes! All BiteUnite chefs do have a professional license!

Does BiteUnite have a minimum order?

Yes, there’s a minimum order of HKD $180.

Do you serve lunch?

Possibly! This depends on the chef’s schedule and opening hours. You can check this on their profile


  • The service period is from 11.30am to 10.00pm daily (last orders at 10.00pm).
  • The minimum order is HKD $180.
  • Preparation time for chefs will vary. Please check each chef’s profile for more information.
  • The standard delivery time is within an hour for express delivery , depending on the location between the chef and diner.
  • For information on delivery districts and fee, see delivery map.

The food

How many people does a meal serve?

A BiteUnite meal serves 1-2 people per order.

Are your ingredients organic?

We encourage our chefs to use organic whenever they can. Most of the ingredients in our shop are either local, organic or sourced from a farm that’s committed to sustainability.

Are your desserts nut free or gluten free?

For any dietary concerns or restrictions, please check the meal’s details or ask the chef directly.

How do I know what’s in each dish?

We list all the ingredients in your meal, so if allergies are a concern, then all the information you need is there. We’ll let you know if your dish is gluten, nut or dairy free, too. Nutritional information is an estimate only.

The ordering process

Can I change my order?

Yes, we’ll always try to accommodate your requests, just let us know.

What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel your order 24 hours before delivery time, all you need to pay is 50% of the fee. If you cancel your order less than 24 hours before delivery time, unfortunately you’ll be billed for the full amount. Our chefs buy their ingredients fresh from the market and speciality stores and spend time prepping.

Other information

How do I rate and comment on the meal I ordered?

After you receive your meal and the plates are cleared, you’ll be sent an email inviting you to rate your meal. You can also rate your meal afterwards by visiting “My Purchased Orders” on the BiteUnite website.

Is your method of payment secure?

Yes! All BiteUnite payments are powered by Paypal. For more information, please go to paypal.com.

Hong Kong’s weather is temperamental. What is service like during a rainstorm or typhoon?

Service will be suspended during the red/black rainstorm warning and 1 hour before typhoon signal 8 or above. However, service will resume as usual, 90 minutes from the lowering of a severe weather signal.

Get in touch

We don’t bite! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.
Please email us at info@biteunite.com or call us on +852 2366 3231

For Chefs

How does BiteUnite help chefs?

We want you to focus on cooking, so we handle the following:

  • Marketing: We will promote you on all BiteUnite social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and in our Newsletter.
  • Professional photography: You’ll receive complimentary professional photography of your food, once you register as a chef.
  • Purchase management
  • Payment processing

How much does a chef get paid?

Each sale transaction:
*This fee includes delivery within the stipulated area and a credit card fee.


REGULAR CHEF // HKD 0 – HKD 9,999 /month


MASTER CHEF // HKD 10,000 + /month

When does the chef get paid?

You will get paid via PayPal/Bank Transfer at the 1st and 16th of each month (every 2 weeks), once meals have been delivered.

How and when does the chef get notified of an order and event?

  1. The diner chooses their meal online via www.biteUnite.com. The chef then receives the order via SMS and email.
  2. You prepare and cook the meal.
    You inform BiteUnite, via www.biteunite.com, once the order is confirmed.
    BiteUnite collects the order from you and delivers it straight to your diner within 1-2 hours.
  3. The diner enjoys a delicious, home-cooked meal.
    The diner shares feedback and writes a review.
    You’ll get paid via PayPal at the end of each month, once meals have been successfully delivered.

How to host a cooking class or event at the BiteUnite Kitchen?

  1. To host a cooking class or private dinner event at the BiteUnite kitchen, you must be registered as a Chef on BiteUnite.com AND be subscribed to one of the three BU Kitchen tiers. (Why ? - because this make you legal - gives you the BiteUnite license and also covers your liabilities as a chef.)
  2. Once registered, you can create an event on the BiteUnite.com calendar. This includes the details of the event, how many people you’d like to accommodate (we can do 14 sitting or 30 standing) and the ticket fee per person.
  3. Before the event is published , you need to book the one cooking station and event space that you need (min 3 hours).
  4. The event will then be published on BU and we can help you get the word out by sharing your event on our social media platforms, free of charge.
  5. You’ll need to source and bring your own ingredients, but we have crockery, cutlery, pots, pans and baking trays for you to use.
  6. After the event, we have a FREE dishwashing service.

  • Event space with one cooking station fees: We charge a rate of 40% of total ticket sales for a class of up to 3 hours maximum.
  • *Please note we will charge a minimum of HKD 500 for one hour or less.
  • * Recommended ticket price from HKD 250
How to host a cooking class or private dinner event at the BiteUnite kitchen?

  • You must be registered as a Chef on BiteUnite.com AND be subscribed to one of the three BU Kitchen tiers.

    (Why ? - because this make you legal - gives you the BiteUnite license and also covers your liabilities as a chef.)

    1. If you have attendee, make a booking under " MY KITCHEN". This allows you to rent the event space ONLY.
      • Fee :
        • Event space 500 HKD per hour. Minimum 3 hours
        • Kitchen station fee will be based on your membership level. (150 HKD , 95HKD or 80HKD)
        • Corkage fee of 500 HKDfor any beverages
    2. If you don't have attendee yet , We will help to promote the event and find attendees, Book under "MY EVENT". Interested parties will purchase tickets to your event through www.biteunite.com
      • Fee :
        • We will charge 40% (30% for master chef) of total ticket sales for a class of up to 3 hours. Min 500 HKD per hour
        • Corkage fee of 500 HKDfor any beverages
We wont be able to arrange the table without booking 2 days in advance.


What is the size and cost of each delivery?

  • The standard box size is limited to one box (L *W* H: 50 cm *50cm *40cm). The weight of a meal must be below 12kg.
  • If your meal is over the dimensions or weight specified for a standard box, it will be counted as an extra box.
  • Each additional box is HKD $30 per box, per order.

Where do I order my packaging?

You can purchase packaging directly from VEGWARE that supplies compostable food packaging and catering disposables, here.
We’ll provide you with our BiteUnite stickers that you’ll need to put on all your delivery boxes.

Food factory license and BiteUnite Kitchen

Do I need a license to join BiteUnite?

You don’t need to have a license to join as a BiteUnite Chef.

What if I don’t have a license?

You can subscribe to our BiteUnite kitchen membership.

BiteUnite Kitchen Is A Co-working Space For Food. Our Mission Is To create cook and share community. With Shared Workspace, Business Support, And Access To food factory license kitchen, We Make The Business Of Starting A Business Just A Little Bit Easier.

Where is your BiteUnite kitchen?

G/F, 15 Lung on Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

What are the benefits of signing up for a kitchen membership?

  • Fully-licensed commercial kitchen
  • Fully-equipped commercial kitchen
  • Affordable membership
  • Great central location in Wan Chai (close to the wet market, supermarket and specialty food stores)
  • State-of- the-art equipment
  • Modern dining area for events and private dinners
  • Coffee bar
  • Refrigeration and storage facilities
  • Host events at the BiteUnite kitchen
  • Competitively priced annual insurance
  • Choose your own work schedule and run your own food business
How do I sign up for the kitchen membership?

We require the following;

  1. Create Chef profile and menu/event online at https://www.biteunite.com/be-a-chef.php
  2. Complete the license kitchen agreement & Public Liability insurance on www.biteunite.com
  3. Deposit: We ask for a deposit of one month of your package from all our members to cover any lost or broken equipment, supplies, etc. This will be returned when you leave the space.
  4. Business License/ HKID
Please contact us for more details info@biteunite.com

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