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Weekly Salad Package

By Priscilla Tsang | Cuisine: Others

24.5 hours HK$110.00

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About the meal

Jan 23 Monday
Herb Chicken Breast, Mixed Salad Greens, String Bean, Cucumber, Dried Cranberry, , Almond, Mint, Flax Seed, Fresh Passionfruit Dressing

Jan 24 Tuesday
Miso Garlic Pork Tenderloin, Lettuce, Spinach, Turnip, Carrot, Baby Corn, Mixed Mushroom, Water Chestnut, Cashew, Chia Seed, Miso Sesame Dressing

Jan 25 Wednesday
Chicken Breast , Spinach, Egg, Tomato, String Bean, Baked Purple Sweet Potato, Chickpea, Almonds, Lemon Dill Dressing

Jan 26 Thursday
Curry Spiced Baked Chicken Thigh, Romaine, Baked Carrots, Cabbage, Quinoa, Zucchini, Raisin, Cheddar, Cucumber Yogurt Dressing

Jan 27 Friday
Shredded BBQ Pork Loin, Romaine, Corn, Avocado, Kidney Beans, Red Beets Green Chili Peppper, Parmesan with Creamy Spicy Cashew Lemon Dressing

About the chef

Priscilla Tsang

Verified licensed chef

We are a small catering company with a big passion for food. We enjoy what we do and ensure that each product we put out uses a diverse variety of ingredients and fresh seasonal produce all the while experimenting with different recipes for the best customer satisfaction.

We listen to our customers and clients to create an ever changing menu as we know creating culinary greatness is never about following the same recipes. We are learning everyday and hope to be able to grow and share our experiences with everyone we encounter to build knowledge and professionalism to give back to the community.

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