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Activated Charcoal

By Mia Williams | Cuisine: Drinks

1.5 hours HK$60.00

Nutritional Facts

About the meal

100% Organic and Raw Ingredients: ginger juice, water, manuka honey and activated charcoal

This inky shot looks dangerous, but it will actually soothe and cleanse your body. Imagine promptly escorting out all the MSG from your recent late night takeaway or binding up gases that cause terrible bloating.

About the chef

Mia Williams

Tizzy Shots is a family of small, but mighty ginger shots. A spicy hit of ginger is accompanied by a healthful blend of organic ingredients such as turmeric or charcoal. The pocket sized elixir can be likened to a natural espresso for your mind and body - a zingy shot with a fiery kick that boosts immunity, decreases inflammation and alkalizes your body. With sustainably sourced ingredients and personal relationships with farmers, Tizzy Shots cares about your health as well as that of the earth.

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